Why it works

When you’ve got a project to plan and deliver, Craft Project Management can do the heavy-lifting for you – it will free up your time to focus on other deadline and responsibilities. What we do best is take a detailed brief and turn it into an actionable and accountable project plan.

If you’re not sold on our competitive rates and personalised service, you will be impressed by the following formalised principles and approaches that underpin the way we bring together our fitout solutions.

1. Quality management

Quality counts – that’s why Craft Project Management works in accordance with the eight quality management principles outlined in ISO 9000. Adhering to these values demonstrates our commitment to customer service, proven systems and processes, and stakeholder engagement.

2. Risk management

Our risk management framework has been developed in accordance with the guidelines set out in AS/NZ/ISO 3100. It is a critical part of Craft Project Management’s overall business strategy – with risk management plans designed and developed on a project-by-project basis.

3. Environmental strategy

At Craft Project Management, it’s easy being green. From energy-efficient designs, sourcing sustainable materials to reducing our impact on the environment during any construction, we utilise our membership with Green Building Council of Australia to inform our work and strategies.

4. Technology

Technology provides the glue that keeps projects from becoming unstuck. By using cloud-based project management software to plan and program each project, your schedule is safe and secure – and can be accessed quickly and easily at any stage, and from any device.

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